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Tips & Tricks!

We feed the animals before the Park opens each day, during the hot summer months this can change to nighttime feedings. The best time(s) to see the animals is right before or after they have been fed. So the best times to visit are right as we open and the last hour before we close.

The restrooms are located in the Gift Shop.

We have trash cans stationed around the park, but we have recycling bins on our back deck for guest use.

We sell bottles of water, canned sodas, and an assortment of snacks. 

We allow outside food & non-alcoholic drinks to be brought in if you want to enjoy a picnic with your Park experience. We have picnic tables and shaded areas, including the Party Area when not reserved. (We will put up signs stating otherwise.)

You are not permitted to feed any of the animals outside food & drink.

You are welcome to purchase petting zoo food for the animals in the petting zoo area. This area includes the following:

  -Miniature Cows

  -Goats (including the kids that are old enough!)


  -Deer (tucked back between the two goat pins)

  -Alpacas (Alpaca hybrids)

*No the peacocks don't eat it. Nor do the monkeys.

Please do not throw anything at our animals, you will be asked to leave the Park.

Park Map!

Tips & Ticks
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