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It all started with a dream....


The Sierra Nevada Zoological Society was founded by three men; Jimmie Martin, Dale McDaniel, and Dave Dawson.


These men translated their passion for animals into a beloved fixture of the Northern Nevada Community as the Sierra Safari Zoo.

You may remember Hobbs the liger who was one of the more famous residents over the years.


With the addition of multiple species, the Sierra Safari Zoo continued to grow as new opportunities opened different avenues.


Over the years, hundreds of volunteers and sponsors have given their time, effort, and money to keep the park thriving. 

Sierra Safari Zoo Memorial
Barbary Lion
White Siberian Tiger
Bangle Tiger
Siberian Tiger


Today the Sierra Nevada Zoological Society continues to care for and look over the Sierra Nevada Zoological Park.


Moving forward to improve every aspect of the park, including improving enclosures, improving features, and fixtures. Fundraising and volunteering to help continue efforts to strive for better facilities.

This means improved educational opportunities, new animals, and more opportunities for you as supporters to experience the world's rarest and most endangered animals, who would otherwise not be able to survive on their own.


The animals here at the park would not survive in the wild. They have lived their whole lives in captivity, for many generations. We are a refuge, not a sanctuary.

Sanctuary's have larger enclosures due to the animals being from the wild, these animals are indigenous to the State that the sanctuary operates in. Refuges bring in non-indigenous animals that would otherwise go extinct. Both strive to protect animals, they just operate a little differently from each other!

...and continues today!

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